Classic currently has a number of integrated services that extend to the cloud. By using the latest tools that are part of Microsoft Azure we can now bring Winledge Accounting and Payroll Data to the web.

From online catalogues, to ecommerce, to entire web sites, Classic has the experience and team to create the custom site/application you need.

This site, for example, was completely created by us and is hosted on one of our own VM machines at Microsoft.

Classic is first and foremost an accounting and payroll software developer, however extending this data to the web has now become a common part of our offerings.

If you have an existing web site gathering data, then talk to us on how that data can be moved into Winledge to save mistakes and data entry time.

As always, Classic is available to you to design a solution that works for your business, whether that is on the desktop or in the cloud!

All of our current web development features the latest responsive web design techniques. So whether your site is on the desktop, or a mobile phone you can rest assured, that it will always look great and work well. We also provide back end CMS features so that you can control your own content and make changes any where and any time. Options to integrate to Paypal payment management can also be added.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our web services.