Online Backup

Classic's new Remote Backup Service (from only $9.95/month!)

Classic has just announced a new service is available for Winledge Users. You can now backup your data directly to our Azure server from within WinLedge.

For a limited time, you can try out the backup service for free for 30 days! Call now for more information. 

Backups have never been easier! Just take a quick look at some of the advantages:

  • Connected directly to Winledge Data. The system will backup all the data within the company in a single click. No chance that you will miss an important file.
  • Data is transferred to our Microsoft Azure server, so your data is "off-site" which is one of the safest backups you can do.
  • 10 gigs of data storage included, with options to purchase more as required.
  • Keep multiple backups, no more writing over a previous backup!
  • No backup media is required as data is stored on Classic's server
  • One click backup is fast, simple and secure.
  • Data is encrypted prior to being sent.
  • Easy to retreive backups at any time and restore to alternate locations. Send a backup to the server and then pick it up again at home.
  • User name, Password and encryted data ensure your data does not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Data is compressed prior to sending, which results in less disk space used and less time to transmit.
  • Backup speed controlled by your internet Upload speed, so the faster your connection the faster your backup.