Support Services

"All-in-One" Support Service

Classic offers a number of support services. However the most popular by far is OUR "all-in-one" support package. Basically for a low annual fee you receive:

  • Unlimited toll free telephone support (no limits to the number of calls, or the duration of each call)
  • Free Updates/patches and services packs. (in general we ship updates about two times per year. Support subscribers receive these updates automatically)
  • Unlimited Fax and Email support (again no limits here!)
  • Access to our support center, to download updates, white papers or browse the FAQ list.
  • Free newsletters

Support using Teamviewer

Classic also has a number of premium services. With teamviewer, we can assume control of your computer and work through a support incident together.

On-Site Service

If you need on-site service, we can put you in touch with a qualified reseller, or we can arrange for a member of the Classic team to visit your premises. Call for a quotation on this premium service.

Training / Installation

Classic offers on-site one-on-one training. We also offer phone training, or training over TeamViewer. Classic also has a network of trained Classic Installers whom would be happy to discuss your training requirements.