January 2024 Updates now available


The payroll and T54 updates are now available for January 2024. This year the changes were a little more significant with items like the new second CPP amount, the new box45 for Dental coverage and of course the payroll calculation changes. Also documents such as the T4s, T4as and RL1s have all been revised this year. Newsletters regarding the changes are on their way to all active customers

Payroll Update - July 1st, 2023


The payroll updates for July 1st, 2023 have been posted.   

There were no federal changes, nor any changes to CPP or EI.   The only provincial changes were to Manitoba (The base exemption amount was revised.) and to Quebec (Decrease in the provincial tax rate for the lower two ranges.  Increase in the constant factor for the higher ranges.)   So, if you have employees in those two provinces you should download a current version, otherwise the payroll update is not required.   If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to support.


Accounting Update: 3.11 (March 30th, 2023 - font revisions)


We have just completed a minor revision to the accounting software (3.11).   This revision includes changes to the screen to allow for a larger font to be used.   In the utilities there is an option called "colours".   If you go in there, one of the options is to change the default font from 8 point to a larger size.   Prior to this update, 10point fonts could result in some amount of clipping.   This updates removes the clipping for all fonts at or below 10 points. Updates can be downloaded from the customer portal.