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New HR Features added to Corporate Payroll


Recently we just added a number of HR features to our payroll Corporate Edition. Visit our WinLedge Corporate HR Features  for more information.

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Beta Testing...

 Classic is currently testing a Free on-line payroll calculator. If you would like to try it out click below


 Free Payroll Calculator


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Classic Software is a Canadian Developer of Accounting, Payroll and custom software for small and mid-sized business. Founded more than 20 years ago, our committment to customer service and quality software has remained unchanged.

Although Classic offers many "off-the-shelf" modules, our ability to customize the software to meet your exact requirements is one of our key strengths.

Classic's Payroll solutions are broad. If you have five employees or five hundred, Classic probably has a Canadian Payroll system to meet your needs.


In the news...


July 2016 Payroll Updates now available...

The payroll updates for July 2016 are now available on the customer portal.   Only NB, NL and BC calculations were revised, PEI had a revision to the basic exemption amount.  

April 1st, 2016 - ROE 2.0 format...

Note that the current versions of Winledge Payroll Corporate Edition, Winledge Payroll Professional edition and WindowToPayroll all support the new ROE 2.0 format.   You can download a current copy of the software from the customer portal.




Winledge T54 Updates now available.

The 2016 edition of Winledge T54 (which contains the new 2015 forms) is now available for download.   Please visit the customer portal to obtain the current version.














Our customers write...

"Every once in a while I get a chance to recommend the Classic Software solution to people. I always point to one big “feature”:

Winledge by Classic Software is a flexible and comprehensive financial management system. However, the truly distinguishing feature is the company.

The Classic Software creators are available to answer questions and to modify the system to meet individual customer needs. Sometimes the changes are for an agreed contract price and sometimes they are included in the annual service fee. Those of us who are experienced with accounting systems know that no system meets every need you have. The company’s readiness to listen and respond is a distinction that makes a world of difference in our satisfaction with the Winledge system over any other system we have used or considered."

Art W.